Fleet Management System

You’ve probably seen this in your event operations experience. Large fleet of vehicles, numerous drivers driving to multiple destinations and the way it is being managed is by spreadsheet! There’s obviously a more efficient way to manage all of this…TPT Hub.

At TPT Hub we’ve taken the guesswork out of how to manage the complexities of fleet management. Through intelligent algorithms, a robust back-of-house CRM, GPS techno-wizardry, strong API infrastructure and events industry know-how, the TPT Hub system allows you to work Smarter, Not Harder.

Normally when you purchase or lease software you are stuck with an out-of-the-box system. Not with TPT Hub. Because we understand the events/transport/logistics industries, we tailor your TPT Hub software to your specifications to meet all of your specific needs.

TPT Hub’s fleet management system enables your team to accomplish specific tasks in the management of your company’s vehicle fleet. These specific tasks encompass all activities from vehicle acquisition to operations. TPT Hub offers a manager’s dashboard and a Driver’s App to help connect your fleet managers to your drivers. Utilizing TPT Hub’s proprietary app and dashboard, managers are able to monitor fleet vehicle requests, real-time status, routes, driver’s activities, client communication and on-ground staff reviews.

The Driver’s App allows them to see all current and future destinations, pick smart routes, receive communication alerts from dispatch and mark delivery closures. TPT Hub also monitors fleet status in real-time on through Google Maps API. The TPT Hub software allows your clients to share reviews in a quick, non-intrusive way. With a built-in 1-5-star rating system for both drivers and on-ground staff this allows managers to identify those with higher ratings to be identified for promotion or increased responsibilities. Those with a lower rating to be identified for additional training. These features allow you to make the best use of the TPT Hub software.