In 2019, Expo 2020 Dubai Fleet Department contacted TPT Hub about use of its Fleet Management System software. Expo 2020 has a large fleet of over 400+ Nissan vehicles to manage and needed software to handle the multitude of requests for vehicle usage, GPS tracking of vehicles and their drivers along with a scheduling system to manage all drivers, equipment and transport requests. In the past, a system like this would be managed by online spreadsheets and multiple emails between Fleet and Functional Areas (Functions).  These multiple entries and changes often led to missed pick-ups/drop-offs, wrong vehicles assigned to the wrong passengers and lost vehicles from not knowing the proper driving routes.

With TPT Hub’s Fleet Management Software we were able to work with Expo 2020 Dubai’s Fleet Department to streamline its operations. By drivers and dispatchers knowing which equipment was reserved (and by whom) as well as an up-to-date schedule of operations across various equipment requests helped make the Fleet Department ‘Work Smarter, Not Harder’.

By working with Expo 2020 Fleet Managers, TPT Hub was able to adapt its software so that it brought even greater efficiencies to their operations. By having a full overview of their system on multiple platforms, the Fleet Department is able to anticipate what the needs/wants of its client groups were versus reacting to these requests. This created a more efficient working environment for all staff, drivers and Functions. To date, the ATPT Hub software has managed over 10,000 transfers efficiently in their short time of usage.

Let TPT Hub show you the ways that we worked with Expo 2020 Dubai in deploying our Fleet Management System software for one of the world’s largest events.

Contact: Derrick Salisbury, Managing Partner, [email protected]